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My name is Nine and I offer copyediting, subediting, proofreading, indexing and audio transcription services.

Why you might like working with me:
I get work done quickly and affordably, and I let clients know straight away if there are likely to be any issues. I can help you rephrase your text so that it reads more clearly, or I can limit my focus to punctuation and typos, according to your wishes.

My background:
I have a degree in sociology with gender studies, and years of writing and editing experience: magazines, books, academic papers and NGO publications. I'm particularly interested in social justice and social sciences, and enjoy work that broadens my own horizons, as well as work that draws on my areas of expertise. And while I'm not a qualified translator, my knowledge of and interest in multiple languages has enhanced the services I've provided to many clients.


"Nine transformed my novel into something that could be comfortably released. As well as technical corrections, she asked some great questions and qualitatively improved the pacing and flow of my writing. I look forward to working with her again."
Benjamin Otto, San Francisco

"Despite short notice, Nine proofread and copyedited my social science research proposal within a few days. She polished the language, set the grammar right and made brilliant suggestions about expressions and sentence structure. Very helpful, thorough and reliable."
Dr Hannah Lesshafft, Edinburgh

"I am an independent scholar from Istanbul, Turkey. My concern is to be able to address English-speaking audiences without losing the meaning and soul of original texts in Turkish. Since 2010 Nine has edited my articles and book reviews submitted to respected peer-reviewed journals, and official documents, all published. I am very happy to work with her; she is also very prompt, efficient and friendly while corresponding and working."
Dr Basak Tanulku, Istanbul

"I have been working with Nine for the last 12 years, through the European projects TAMPEP and INDOORS. She was responsible for the copyediting of several of these projects' publications. It has always been a great pleasure to work with Nine because we knew our work was in safe hands. She was always extremely punctual with regard to deadlines and other time agreements, in addition to her very kind and patient way of dealing with her clients. Another very positive and important characteristic of Nine's work is her engagement with it. She does not, as in our case, only copyedit, but goes further, cooperating with the editor while pointing out unclear or contradictory aspects in a text, as well as checking, for instance, links to websites. She uses her knowledge and sensitivity to add ideas, and always gives very useful and constructive feedback."
Veronica Munk, Hamburg

For a quote, please include a short sample of your writing when you contact me. It doesn't need to be a sample of the document you'd like me to work on � just something broadly representative of your style. I'll get back to you quickly.

Normally I receive payment by bank transfer, in pounds sterling or Malaysian ringgit, and I'll send an invoice once work has been completed. This is to be paid within 28 days. If you are a new client and you're not affiliated to any institution, I may request a deposit prior to commencement of work. If you're unable to pay by bank transfer, get in touch and we can discuss alternatives. I aim to be flexible, so just let me know what's good for you.

What's with the name, anyway?
Out Of This Boring Neighbourhood is from a line in the song Oh Susquehanna by Defiance, Ohio. I recommend checking it out if you like anarcho-folk-punk. Also, I wound up travelling long-term for a few years, so the name turned out to fit better than I expected.

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Email: nine at outofthisboringneighbourhood dot com
I look forward to working with you!